available now!

Available now!

Need more cards?!?

This fun greeting card
set is the exact same
one you get in the mail
from the Environmental
Defense Fund!

Did you know....

we plant a tree
for every
$30+ order!

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Listen carefully and you‘ll see nature has an abundance of Advice to tickle your brain—let’s get uplifted and spread some joy. 

What customers are saying

I believe we are all born tree-huggers and nature lovers, but we get desensitized and distracted, and forget that nature is life. Without nature, no life. Combining items from the natural wold—with words of advice—make nature extremely relevant and reconnects us.

Elizabeth N.

I love to travel and spend time in the outdoors. Sometimes I just have to be in the woods or the mountains. I love Your True Nature Advice because they are so accurate. And if people followed them the world would be a more peaceful place to live.

Deborah M.

The advice is always uplifting, no matter the source of the advice. I love to read them and enjoy thinking of why that advice fits me.

Kaye H.

Thank you for my order. I received a great set of cards and bookmarks that I almost hate to give away, but I will!!

Pat G.

Your True Nature is always a hit with our grandkids. We ordered bookmarks since we are all reading so much more during the Covid-19 shelter in place. They love the notecards and postcards that we send them too!

Cynthia S.

Just love these wonderful and inspiring items, great gifts!

Maria K.

Items that I ordered came quickly and perfectly and environmentally packed! Thank you! :D Great products with an even greater message from Mother Nature herself!

Beth M.

Wonderful products, wonderful service, THANK YOU!

Laura M.

Fast and accurate. I bought bookmarks and they were beautiful!

Pete F.