100% Replanted

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Replant!

did you know...

The average American uses 65 cubic feet of wood every year - equivalent to six 12-14" diameter trees - in paper and wood products. Worldwide, tree harvesting far outstrips replanting, threatening the clean water, air supplies, and livelihoods of many people. What can you do to help? You can replant the trees you use, quickly and easily, by joining the 100% Replanted program.

why are trees important?

Replant a Tree with us!

Follow along to become 100% replanted

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - Tree!


Multiply the amount of people in your household by:

X 1000 lbs (IF YOU DO recycle and use recycled or post consumer recycled paper)
X 1200 lbs (IF YOU DO NOT recycle or use recycled or post consumer recycled paper)


Divide this number by 200 and this gets the trees that you used!


Take your trees that you used in STEP 2 - and multiply x 5

Take this number and buy that many trees at checkout!

(We estimate that to replace one larger tree, five seedlings should be planted to assume at least one will reach maturity)

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