From a love of nature to sharing with others to making a good living. How do we turn our deepest passions and interests into a comfortable lifestyle? Can we pay the bills with our true gifts and talents? And just what is our true nature? I share my story with you, not to say look at what I have done, but if what I learned on my journey can help you live your true nature, then it is a story worth telling. Please visit my life and spiritual navigation website, where you can schedule a virtual personal blessing!


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Poetry in Motion truck!

I couldn't just let this antique milk delivery truck just rust away in a Colorado pasture. With lots of TLC the truck was restored and became a showplace for oversized refrigerator magnets! Words are constantly rearranged to create zippy zanny thoughts.

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Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM

I had the delight of being an artist and part of the team that created a unique and totally immersive art experience in Santa Fe, New Mexico. George R.R. Martin (creator of Game of Thrones) recognized the creative vision of talented artists and together we turned an abandoned bowling alley into a world class immersive art experience.

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now onto my story . . .

chapter one

the gift of a tree

chapter two


chapter three


chapter four

corporate america

As the UNCOLA campaign gained momentum, Orville was promoted to Director of Marketing and he hired me to be his special projects right-hand man. I was part of the UN-ovative, UN-ique, UN-credible UNCOLA campaign of the early 1970s, handling high-profile projects such as the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon and all promotional items, including the famous upside-down UNCOLA glass. I like to say that I went from the ground floor to the executive suite in about thirty minutes! 

What I learned over my five years at 7UP was how art, creativity, and fun can be successfully combined with business. Slogans like “Be True UN to You” and other universal messages were used to not only sell a soft drink, but to encourage consumers to live their true nature. In my favorite of the TV commercials we produced, Jeffrey Holder said, “Cola Nuts or Uncola Nuts, now you choose wisely ... ho ho ho” with his deep and memorable laugh. It was a fun reminder about the choices we have in life.

After 7UP was taken over by Philip Morris Tobacco Company, it lost its creativity and soul ... not to mention Orville, me, and hundreds of others. It was a shock to see the dismantling of such a spirited team. For me, it was then on to Willy Wonka Candy Company to design chocolate candy bars and work on the Giant Chewy SweeTarts project ... that is, until my dentist encouraged me to find a new career.

chapter five

a new start

chapter six

solo in Iceland

chapter seven

the return

chapter eight

That's a lot of paper!

chapter nine


Excited to become a father , I asked several other fathers for their wisdom. “What would you do differently?” was my question. Most gave an answer like, “Children grow up so fast. I wish I’d taken the time to be with my kids more, to be more present.” I took these words to heart and stayed mostly at home with my daughter until she was old enough for first grade. I loved it! Being so involved and connected is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I didn’t feel pulled in so many directions, and I had time to enjoy the gift of parenting. Of course, being with a toddler all day wasn’t always pure bliss—but it was an investment of the heart in both of our futures. I wrote and planned, and when Laurel was six, I began my new business adventure...Your True Nature.

chapter ten

can you give me some advice?

chapter eleven

more advice

ilan's advice

living your true nature