Spring Fever

After months of chilly, dark days, it’s finally happening! Birds are singing. Trees are budding. Flowers are sprouting. Days are getting longer. Spring is finally in the air.
If the crisp, warm air, and blankets of green grass are putting a bounce in your step – you’re not alone! In fact, you may have “Spring Fever” (we do!).  The biggest reason for the new pep in your step? Mood-boosting power of sunshine! 
With the positive change in seasons, make the time to unplug and take a walk outside on a warm spring day. Make it your fresh air and feel-good day! The more sunshine and fresh air you enjoy, you will experience all the benefits that come along with it.
Spring Fever manifests itself in different ways for different people. A sense of well-being takes over the mind and body. For kids, it is bouncing off the walls. Gardeners yearn to dig in the dirt.  These are all healthy reactions to Spring Fever. We all are feeling more energy, mood boosted, eating healthier, and enjoying restful night’s sleep.
Spring is a great time to connect with your people!  Who inspires you?  Who makes you feel comfortable?  Call them, write them a thank you card, or plan an outdoor gathering. 
Bottom line, the best cure is to just embrace the feeling and immerse yourself in the glories of springtime until you are consumed by its wonder and beauty.
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