Shine a Light on Darkness: 10 Ways to Contribute to DarkSky

When it comes to stargazing, Mother Nature knows how to throw the best party. But there's an uninvited guest stealing the show: light pollution. Fear not, fellow nature lovers! is on a mission to restore our nighttime environment, and you can be a star in this cosmic quest. Here are 10 celestial ways to contribute to dark sky preservation and protect the beauty of our starry nights.

  1. Ensure your outdoor lighting is shielded to direct illumination downward, where it's needed. Light fixtures that throw their glow upwards contribute to light pollution. It's time to give the stars the spotlight!

  2. Select warm-colored LEDs instead of harsh, cool-toned ones. They not only mimic the cozy glow of incandescent bulbs but also minimize light pollution.
  3. Solar-powered lights are not only eco-friendly but also easy on the night sky. They typically emit softer, gentler illumination that won't disrupt the stars' dazzling performance.
  4. Let your outdoor lights take a break and spring into action with motion sensors and timers. They'll only shine when needed, reducing unnecessary light pollution.
  5. Keep indoor light from escaping into the night. Close windows and blinds. Not only will this save energy, but it also helps create a darker sky.
  6. Support dark sky-friendly legislation by advocating for local ordinances that promote responsible outdoor lighting and minimize light pollution. Be the change you wish to see in your community!

  1. Attend star parties and astronomy events organized by groups like DarkSky or even the local museum of science and industry. It's a fantastic experience to learn more about the cosmos and connect with like-minded sky enthusiasts.
  2. Raise awareness by sharing your passion for dark skies with others. Educate your friends and family about the importance of preserving the nighttime environment. Show your support with products from Your True Nature Dark Skies products in which a portion of proceeds benefits DarkSky.

  3. Visit DarkSky destinations: Plan vacations to certified DarkSky Parks and reserves. These protected areas offer some of the best stargazing opportunities on the planet.

  4. Support Dark Sky Initiatives: Organizations like DarkSky depend on support from nature enthusiasts like you.

Dark sky preservation is like a cosmic gift to future generations, ensuring they can experience the wonder of the universe just as we do today. So, let's dim those lights, unleash our inner astronomers, and shine a light on darkness, one starry night at a time.

As a company last year, we donated to help support Defending the Dark, a film about preserving the dark sky and ways that dark skies benefit wildlife, saves energy, and helps us learn more about our solar system! Learn more here:


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