Monarch Butterfly Migration

No butterfly makes a journey quite like the Monarch. The cold-blooded butterflies undergo the longest migration and make the biannual treks to their warm wintering grounds (a.k.a. vacationing in the South). It is mysterious and magnificent!

The flight of the monarch butterfly may seem like a straightforward event, going south for winter, but it’s anything but simple. It’s a complicated trip, involving several generations. Altogether, millions of Monarchs can travel up to 3,000 miles, stopping at various points along the way.

 This is where you can help!

Become a trail angel along their migration:

  • Plant a pollinator garden with milkweed and late-blooming nectar rich perennials to fuel next year's journey.
  • Add a butterfly watering area to your garden. Place a shallow dish of water on the ground with some decorative stones for the monarchs to land on while they take a sip.

Monarchs are forever beacons of inspiration. Representative of change, and adaptation. Navigating it all with so much beauty and grace. The entire process is truly profound.

Here’s to every monarch who is preparing or is on their journey. May the skies be clear above, visibility unlimited, and winds in your favor!