Connect to Birds, to Nature, and with Each Other!

Nature is fascinating.  It inspires wonder, it grounds us, and it’s so much fun to discover – together. Research suggests that seeing—or even just hearing—birds is beneficial for mental health. Wellbeing practices for all ages such as nature walks allow us to slow down, get some fresh air, take time away from screens, and to get to know what’s really going on outside our backdoors.

Go Out on a Limb!

It may be hard to believe but spring is on the way. Of course, there will be cold snaps and snowstorms in the weeks ahead, but some birds can’t wait and are excited for what is to come. Birds bring life and welcome activity to our yards providing us with pleasure and sometimes amusement as we wait for warmer months to arrive. 

Spread Your Wings

The mindful practice of birdwatching is also fun, free and gets you out in nature. While spending time outside, listen for calls, and even look for colorful feathers on your path. Watch for different bird species gathering together this winter. They’re one big happy family! It is moments like this we all can have with others while in the great outdoors. Bonding over nature is one of the simplest and easiest things we can do.

Some birding tips

  • Purchase an essential small pair of basic binoculars locally or from a second-hand shop. This will help you get a closer look at birds that are in the distance so you can examine them in more detail.
  • Take a pocket guide of birds with you when you go out in nature so you can try and identify them and tick off any new finds. Great for adults and kids. 
  • Tread carefully, leave no trace and don’t make too much noise to not scare them off. 
  • Visit the same places daily and you may be able to build a bond with the birds. 
  • Put up bird feeders in your garden or leave seed on your balcony. Once you start attracting birds to your outside space, they will return more regularly, increasing the amount of mindful bird watching time you can get.


Nature provides the setting and the entertainment. All we have to do is show up and give it a chance to entertain and enlighten us. It’s a hobby that creates memories that can sustain you for a lifetime. Enjoy!


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