August sits at the top of summer's Ferris wheel

During the month of August, nature undergoes a gradual transition from the vibrant warmth of summer to the approaching coolness of fall. This period is characterized by several notable changes in the natural world.

One noticeable change is the gradual shift in temperatures. While August still retains the warmth of summer, there may be a slight decrease in overall heat as the days become shorter. This change in temperature prompts certain plants to begin their preparations for the upcoming fall season.


In many regions, August marks the beginning of the harvest season. Fruits and vegetables ripen, and farmers start gathering their bountiful crops. Creating a perfect opportunity to support the local area Farmers Market.  This period showcases the abundance of nature and the culmination of months of growth and nurturing.

Additionally, the foliage of trees and plants may start to exhibit subtle changes. Some leaves may begin to show hints of yellow, orange, or red, signaling the approaching fall foliage. However, these changes are often more pronounced in later months.


August also brings a shift in wildlife behavior. Some bird species begin their migration, preparing for their long journeys to warmer climates. Animals may start to gather food and build reserves in anticipation of the colder months ahead.


Overall, August serves as a transitional period, where nature gradually prepares for the arrival of fall. While the changes may not be as dramatic as in later months, observant individuals can witness the subtle shifts in temperature, plant life, and animal behavior that mark this transition.


Let’s do what we will with August. Paddle out on a lake. Relax in a hammock, get lost in a book, pause with cup of tea by the kitchen window to watch the hummingbirds and butterflies’ flit and spin while we all move into the new colorful season to come.