62 Ways to Get Active in the Great Outdoors


Guest Blog from Julie Singh at Trip Outside:


At TripOutside, we are passionate about getting outdoors and want to share our passion with the world. We have come up with an extensive list of ways for people of all ages and abilities to get active outside, from mellow nature walks to extreme sports. The benefits of getting outdoors are plentiful and have strong positive impacts on your body, brain and soul. Did you know that research shows that natural sunlight helps mitigate pain? And being outdoors boosts your immune system? Here are some great ways to improve your well-being and get active outdoors!

Summer Outdoor Activities

Nature Walks: 

An outdoor activity for people of all ages and all experience levels. Just get outside, pick a trail and walk around enjoying the great outdoors. Take in the beautiful views, nature around you, and wildlife. You can even search for specific plants or wildlife on your walk.



Discover why so many people fall in love with hiking! Get into the outdoors and leave your worries at the trail head. Hiking can be any difficulty, from a quick half hour saunter along a river to a strenuous multi-hour mountain trek. Choose what best suits your ability and study up on trail reports before going – usually found on state recreation sites online.

Wondering if you need hiking poles for your next hike? See this comprehensive hiking pole guide for more information!

TIP: Our favorite hike finding and navigation app is Alltrails. The Pro version allows you to download offline maps, which can come in really handy for backcountry adventures if you’re not packing a map and a compass.




 If you enjoy hiking and camping in any form, then combining those outdoor activities is exactly what you should do! While backpacking, you will carry everything you need for the duration of your trek on your back. This approach to adventuring in nature can be highly rewarding as people can feel much closer with nature and aware of their surroundings. Be sure to have the right gear and look up trail and weather reports before setting of on your journey!  Some essentials for your backpacking trip include:



  • We love our Marmot Limelight camping tent from Backcountry.com – it packs up tight and only weighs 5 pounds!
  • Therm-a-rest makes top quality camping pillows, sleeping bags and sleeping pads with options that will keep you warm on even the coolest nights.
  • Kammock also makes some great hammocks and shelters for ultra-light backpacking.





Rock Scrambling:

Rock scrambling is essentially a mix of hiking and rock climbing: when the hike is too steep to continue on without using your hands, but not so steep that you are actually supporting yourself with your arms. These are often found near the summits of mountains, or underneath cliffs where large boulders have broken off. Rock scrambling can be very fun and might be more appealing to those daunted by the exposure of rock climbing.




Take mountaineering to the next level and reach new higher, snow-topped peaks! Named after mountaineering in the Alps (we had to look it up too), alpineering refers to pursuing mountain top summits as the final destination of a hike. We recommend being strong hiker before you try alpineering, and research easy, lower elevation, and non-technical peaks near you to get started!



The exploration of a canyon from point A to point B. At times it may require ropes and harnesses but some canyons can be explored just on a hike and you can use your hands and feet to Spiderman across the canyon playing ‘’the ground is lava’’. It’s a popular activity if exploring Southern Utah.  If you are new to the sport, we recommend getting a guide to show you the ropes (no pun intended!) – canyoneering can be dangerous if you don’t follow the proper safety protocols.


Trail Running:

For those that enjoy normal running, trail running is a great way to mix up the usual and get off the pavement. Trail running gets you to new, less traveled locations, and changes up the topography of the ground you run upon with normally softer surfaces and more turns and elevation changes. Get away from the city noise and out onto the trails for a run that you won’t regret!

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